Best S Pen cases for Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 in 2024

There's an ocean of amazing Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 cases to choose from, but not all of them offer an S Pen holder. Of course, this might be a non-negotiable feature for many. How can you bring your S Pen with you without a convenient spot to put it? That is why we've hunted down the best covers of the sort. 

Here are the snazziest, hardiest, and most functional S Pen cases for your Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4.

Slick Z Fold 4 cases with S Pen holders

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The best S Pen cases for the Galaxy Z Fold 4 are versatile 

The ultimate S Pen cases for your Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 don't just add a holder for the Samsung stylus. They also bolster protection and add practical features such as a kickstand, and sometimes built-in screen guards. Unfortunately, almost all of the best Z Fold 4 covers with S Pen holders cost twice as much as a regular case.

Samsung's Galaxy Z Fold 4 Standing Cover with S Pen is the best-looking of the lot thanks to its minimalist design. Though you can't tell right away, it does come with a matching S Pen Fold Edition and a kickstand in tow. Detach the S Pen compartment and it reveals a lean little stand to prop up your shiny new foldable. The fact that it comes with the S Pen makes it the best value of the bunch and an easy decision.

Samsung released a style S Pen case last year for the Galaxy Z Fold 5, but it won't fit the Z Fold 4, unfortunately. If you just want a slimmer S Pen, though, that new pen will work just fine on the Fold 4; you just won't have anywhere official to store it.

While I like the S Pen hanging out on the back of the case — it actually gives my fingers a great place to hold the phone when using it to read books — not everyone is going to care for this location as it makes the phone thicker in a pocket.

That's where Spigen's Thin Fit P case comes in. It gives you all the durability you need along with a side-mounted slot to store your S Pen. Plus, it's super grippy and quite thin, much more so than most cases on this list.

But what if you like Spigen's design and need protection for that precious hinge? The Spigen Slim Armor Pro Pen Edition has a robust hinge mechanism unlike any other case that we have used. It provides all the protective benefits of many rugged cases without adding a ton of bulk.

Many of the best Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 screen protectors include protection for the cover screen as well. The Caseborne V for the Galaxy Z Fold 4 is a great example of excellent value as it packs in a supremely rugged case along with two tempered glass screen protectors that'll keep your phone protected no matter what.

Like many others, i-Blason's stylish Cosmo Series case throws in a protector for the front display. It doesn't offer heavy-duty protection, though, and there's no kickstand like you'll find in some other models.

iBlaison Cosmo series case for Galaxy Z Fold 4

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How we determine the best cases

At Android Central, we have the privilege of reviewing all the best phones, which means we're able to use a bunch of great cases with each phone. When we put a case on a phone, we use the phone in that case for a period of time to see how well it works. While you might think that just includes comfort while holding or drop protection, it's about a lot more than that.

Some cases have a tall lip around the edge of the display. This lip helps protect the display in the event of the phone being dropped. It accomplishes this by ensuring that the case is the first thing that comes in contact with the ground instead of your phone's screen.

Unfortunately, taller lips can also mean that it's difficult to perform navigation gestures. Not all designs cause this problem so we test to ensure that the lip won't get in the way of using gestures you'll be performing every day.

Cases that have special features — like an S Pen holster — often need unique testing methods. Some cases on this list have S Pen holsters in the hinge. We test to make sure the mechanism for storing the pen doesn't get annoying to use daily or isn't difficult to open and close.

Some other subtle differences among cases include the ease of pulling a phone out of a pocket (or storing it), as some "grippy" case materials can cause pockets to turn inside out when retrieving a phone. While this seems silly, it's something that gets very annoying when doing it several times a day and might even cause you to stop using the case altogether!

No matter which case you choose, you'll be pleased with any of the ones on this list. And we'd recommend getting a case with an S Pen holder. The phone works beautifully with one so you might as well bring it with you to make good use of it. Cases with removable holders are ideal so you get the best of both worlds. 

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