Best Galaxy S24 Ultra cases 2024

Samsung may not have changed a whole lot with the Galaxy S24 Ultra, but it's still just different enough that you can't use S23 Ultra cases on it. Minor differences like the less prominent curvature of the display and its edges prevent you from reusing an older phone case.

Fret not, because there is a wide collection of amazing protective cases available. While some may cost a pretty penny, a lot of the best Galaxy S24 Ultra cases are very affordable.

Feast your eyes on these glorious Galaxy S24 Ultra cases

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Get the best Galaxy S24 Ultra case for your needs

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra cases

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In a galaxy full of outstanding accessories, the Thinborne Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Case stands out as the best phone cover. It may feel a little expensive, but the high-quality materials used to make it justify the price. Thinborne promises reliable durability in a lightweight form factor. There's a magnetic ring built right into the case so it's compatible with MagSafe accessories and you get a free screen protector for the S24 Ultra. Plus, this is one of the few S24 Ultra cases that doesn't interfere with the functionality of the S Pen.

Spigen's Cryo Armor is one of the most robust cases available for the Galaxy S24 Ultra. This thing can even survive drops from flying airplanes that are 16,000 feet high! The military-grade drop protection paired with the cooling design and attractive appearance already make this a fine option. Then there's the price tag, which is somehow less than $25, making this the best Galaxy S24 Ultra case on a tight budget.

As more and more excellent Galaxy S24 Ultra cases come out, we'll continue to add all the best ones to this buying guide.

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  • theshaz
    I've used Ringke Fusion cases on the last 4 Samsung Note/Ultra phones.

    I see they make one for the S24U thatbinjust pre-ordered today.

    Deciding now if I want to stay with Ringke or try something else.
  • dbpaddler
    AC News said:
    Give your stale S24 Ultra a makeover with some of the best Galaxy S24 Ultra cases in existence. Here are your options.

    Best Galaxy S24 Ultra cases 2024 : Read more
    It's really sad everyone has overlooked the one glaring issue with pretty much every single s24u case out there. What's more sad is the case makers screwed the pooch and no one says a damn thing about it. I think everyone has gotten complacent with curved edge screens and cases' complete lack of side edge protection.

    Well we don't have a curved edge screen anymore. Why the hell are all these cases designed like the sided edges are still curved? There is no real protective lip on the sides like there is at the top and bottom. There is barely any rise to the side edges of cases whatsoever. And our single most complaint about protecting curved screen phones now carries over to our flat screened one because the case makers were just plain lazy and kept the design language from the s23u and carried it over to the s24u.

    It's a joke. It's sad people don't recognize it and complain to them all. So there purely is no great case for this phone. They're all a compromise,and you're still just as like to crack a side edge as you were before.

    For all the lame hot take articles tech bloggers make, they should really make an article on this because it's truly just complete laziness with these companies to not go back and design proper lips on the sides of these cases like they did before they started designing for curved edge screens. The phone has flat sides and bezels for reasons, and one of them is the ability for cases to properly protect them again.

    Rant over.